Real Estate Investment In Ibeju Lekki Lagos Nigeria

Ibeju Lekki Real Estate Market Investment Opportunities In Lagos Nigeria Africa

This article attempts to throw light on Ibeju Lekki property and the real estate investment potential here in this part of Lagos, Nigeria Africa.

Irrespective of the fact that shelter is a basic necessity and a fundamental human need, Africa is still battling with housing problems. This is the reason why Africa is a ready market for real estate as substantial accommodation is yet to be provided for a lot of persons.

This is indeed a great opportunity for investors who are interested in having assets in Ibeju-Lekki and getting better returns on their investment.Ibeju Lekki Property


The write up is also aimed at showcasing the reasons for this growth in real estate and also providing reasons as to why you should be a part of the moving train and also invest in Ibeju Lekki real estate.
More so, It will not be complete if tips and advice to enable you make it in the business is not made available.

Here’s Why You Should Invest In Ibeju Lekki Now

– Get about 500% appreciation of your land Investment:

Ibeju Lekki enjoys 40% of total construction activity in Lagos, continuously driving higher demand and price.

– Ibeju Lekki is where it all happens:

When investing it is expedient you stay in the market zone that has more traffic. We have estates that are sited around popular La champagne Tropicana, The Proposed Dangote refinery, Imagine having Eko tourist beach and the golf course as neighbours.

– Ibeju Lekki is the ideal location in Africa (Own the next Dubai)

Estates in ibeju lekki rest in a tremendous location where you feel the gentle ocean breeze against your body. Ibeju Lekki is fondly called the Dubai in Nigeria and its poised to generate over 350,000 job opportunities within the next two years. These workers will need houses to live in. Even if you don’t want to reside here, be that rich landlord that invested wisely.

– Live in the midst of International Trade deals
Located within Ibeju Lekki is the Lekki Free Trade Zone, in which the Government invested over N400billion. You MAY enjoy business connections from World business men. (Lol)

– Accessibility to Road:

Most of our estates are directly along the upgraded Lekki-Epe express road.

– Live in the midst of wealth:

Our estates are Located proximally to Dangote Refinery Project, HFP Estate, Lekki International Airport, Dupri Group Industry and Eleganza industries.

Buy From KONFAM PROPERTY LTD & Enjoy Peace of Mind: All our estates come with secure titles and residential zoning. So you are free from Government lands, Omo-onile (land grabbers) wahala.

Don’t waste too much time thinking about this. This is the time for this opportunity and you sure don’t want to miss out on Ibeju Lekki now that prices have not hit the roof.

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What Is the reason for the Real Estate Boom In Lagos Africa?

The reasons for this much talked about boom is not far fetched. However they will still be further explained in this article. The reasons include:

1. Africa’s population is increasing at a fast pace.

The reason for this is not rocket science. As the population increases, the demand for accommodation also increases and becomes stronger.

The population of Africa presently is over one billion and it is estimated to keeping growing and be at 2.4 billion in only 40 years time. During this period, Africa will have the fastest population growth in the world (not excluding Asia) .

Research has shown that the 10 countries in the world that has the highest fertility rates are in Sub-Saharan Africa where the average woman gives birth to about five children.

In fact in some countries such as Niger, the birth rate goes as high as seven and this is according to the Population Reference Bureau.

Let us throw more light on this. A Reuter’s article that was released earlier this year said that Nigeria which is currently Africa’s most populated country adds about 11,000 children to its population every day. Now that is something.

In these coming years, there is going to be a huge demand by millions of Africans for shelter and at least basic accommodation. This huge increase in population boom is the main reason for the high demand for housing and real estate across the continent.

2. Most of Africa’s population are moving to the urban areas.

A substantial amount of the need for accommodation in Africa can be seen in the cities.

The International Housing Coalition has it that, Just about 80 million Africans reside in cities in 1983. Currently that figure has increased to more than 400 million. The size of Africa’s urban areas has been increasing at nearly 5% over the past two decades.

From these estimations, 300 million more Africans will move to the city and become urban dwellers by the year 2030.

Some of the reasons why Africa’s urban population is increasing at a very fast rate is are its population increase, and economic growth which is making more people move to the cities in search of opportunities and greener pastures.

Currently , about 50 African cities have a population similar to or more than one million people. At the present rate of migration, the number of cities with over one million people is expected to reach 65 by the year 2030.

As a result of the fact that a lot of people are moving to the cities and towns in search of jobs, a greener pasture and easier life there is an automatic high demand for accommodation in urban areas. A typical example is the ibeju Lekki area of Lagos, Nigeria. The area will house several establishments such as the Lekki Deep Seaport, Dangote Refinery and Petrochemical Industry, Dangote Fertilizer Plant, International (Cargo) Airport, Lekki International Golf Course, Pan Atlantic University, Eleganza Industries and numerous others. Of course this is where people will be moving to so they can acquire jobs either in the construction of these establishments or be actually employed as a staff of any of the establishments upon completion.

3. Accommodation issues are too heavy for the government to carry alone.

One of the major duties of a government which over time is always on their agenda is making sure that there is basic and affordable housing and accommodation for its people. But In Africa, this is still proving to be very difficult as majority of the people still have accommodation issues.

Let us take a look at Nigeria. According to the World Bank, up to 16 million new houses needs to be made available to tackle Nigeria’s accommodation issues. This would take up to $350 billion and that is a huge sum for any government.

Due to how challenging it is for the government to single handedly take care of them situation, the aftermath is that the strong demand will make real estate prices across the continent to skyrocket.

This now throws the opportunity into the laps of private investors, entrepreneurs and individuals to contribute in handling this issue.

During a period of economic stability, people normally the means of investing in real estate. Despite the fact that poverty can be found in parts of Africa, the average income of a person is improving in most countries.

More so, the increasing amount of the middle class is a notable factor contributing to the growth in the real estate market. They are currently over 300 million and are in search of houses to settle in.

Reasons for going into Real estate business in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos Nigeria

1. Real Estate avails a steady source of income.

Whenever you acquire any real estate and give it out to tenants, you’ll be receiving rents either monthly or annually and that gives you a steady source of income.

The good news is that the amount you fix for your rent is not static. You can increase your rent and that is why renting out a property to tenants is such a good investment because you can change your rent and not be disadvantaged by the dynamic inflation.

This is why most people would always choose real estate over other types of investments.

Let’s look at stocks for instance, the amount of dividends that is paid to shareholders is not steady and changes from time to time. Sometimes it is not even paid and the share holder will be at a loss. Bank savings on the other hand though it yields interests, is nothing compared to the massive returns that can be obtained from investing the same amount of money in real estate.

With the stability of the income from Real estate investment you can be more prepared and make substantial plans to meet your needs. You can even be more specific and set out the returns from the real estate investment for particular needs such as taking care of your children’s school fees, vacations, purchasing a new vehicle amongst other things.

2. Real Estate is a preferred collateral for a Loan.

Generally , collateral for obtaining Loan is one of the major challenges facing entrepreneur. Most entrepreneurs need the loan to set up a new business or to acquire equipments and other essentials to boost their business.

Banks would always ask for collateral before they grant the loan that is being requested and the collateral has to be equal to or greater in value than the loan being requested. Normally any property can serve as a collateral but banks would take real estate every time over any other property. This is because of the well known fact that real estate appreciates. It is more tangible and physical in comparison to stocks.

3. In Real Estate there is a high maximization of profits.

We have already established the fact that real estate appreciates quite a lot. This is more obtainable in developing regions such as Africa as a result of the fact that the property market is not as advanced as in places such as North America or Europe. Hence, real estate is always appreciating and at a fast rate.

Nairobi (Kenya), Lagos (Nigeria) and Luanda (Angola) are instances of African cities that are presently seen as very attractive property markets. This is as a result of the high demand for shelter in many African cities. The fact remains that the profits made from real estate investment remains one of the highest in the world.

Bear it in mind that it is not as though you must make real estate your sole investment goal. Just see it is as an insurance that if you ever have a need to sell your property for any reason at any time you will have a lot of profit.

You can decide not to sell off and opt for receiving rent. This way you have a steady monthly or yearly source of income with little or no stress. However you decide to put your real estate into use the bottom line is that you will have a lot of return.

Nigeria is among the countries in Africa that is having a major boost in its real estate market, particularly the Ibeju Lekki area of Lagos, Nigeria.
The ibeju Lekki area is going to be home to a lot of companies and establishments. The bottom line is that a lot of people will be moving to settle down in this area, both employees of the companies there and people who want to reside there. Presently the elerangbe axis contains the cheapest plots of land in Ibeju-Lekki and is more of a residential location. It is comprised of places like Okego Village, Tagbati and Arapagi. Nothing stops you from acquiring a property in this location and selling it off or developing it and selling it or renting it out. The rush for the area for residential area is really high. Real estate companies are already purchasing lands in the area and any body who knows anything about real estate is either purchasing lands already or making plans to. Permit us to say that Ibeju Lekki is the hot cake of real estate currently in Lagos, Nigeria.

4. Real Estate is actually predictable –
It is no news the stock market can crash and banks can go bankrupt. It is also true that real estate may depreciate but compared to other kind of investments it is much safer and should it depreciate at all it is not so bad that nothing can be salvaged from it.

Economic situations rarely affects real estate. Whether there is economic inflation or not, more often than not real estate keeps appreciating. This is not so when it comes to stocks, bonds and other forms of investment.
Now real estate appreciates but some areas appreciate more than others. The Ibeju Lekki area in Lagos is one of the areas that is appreciating at a very fast rate and the reason for this is not far fetched. There is a lot of developmental plans for the area by both the Lagos government and individuals. It is made up of the Lekki Free Trade Zone, Lekki Deep Seaport, Dangote Refinery and Petrochemical Industry, Dangote Fertilizer Plant, International (Cargo) Airport, Lekki International Golf Course, Pan Atlantic University, Eleganza Industries etc. All these are either under construction, almost completed or already completed. So you can tell for yourself that investing here is a very good idea. One you will never regret.

Tips On How To Buy Your Ibeju Lekki Land / Property

1. Have a goal – As we have made it clear, there are two basic methods to make money from any real estate you purchase. You could sell at a price higher than what you purchased the real estate at or rent (lease) it out if you want to have a steady source of income.

Which of these will be your goal? What’s your plan?

– Do you want to make sure that you don’t have financial challenges after you have retired? Invest in Ibeju Lekki.

– Do you have something you are really passionate about and would want to go into in the future but you need a sure source of income? Invest in Ibeju Lekki.

– Are you in search of a steady source of income that will not require a lot of time or stress and that appreciates in the long run yielding bigger and better returns as time goes by? Do you want to invest your money instead of just leaving it dormant in your bank account? Buy land in Ibeju Lekki.

The bottom line is set a goal and have a plan and have a strategy that you’ll use to achieve it. Whatever your plan regarding real estate provided you have a workable strategy to achieve it and you follow it diligently you’ll really achieve your goal.

2. Know who to buy from – For the purpose of purchasing real estate let us divide the people you can make this purchase from into public and private.

The main player in the public group is the government. In fact from the provision of the land use Act every land in every state is vested on the governor of each state. The government now gives the land to individuals and companies for either residential or industrial purposes.

If the government is the one selling the real estate, it always at a lower price when compared to the prevailing market price.

An instance of real estate sold by the government is the Government housing estates in various states. Individuals can purchase and become owners of housing units which could be single homes, duplexes and the like at below market prices.

The private group is basically made up of individuals and corporate bodies.

This group always places adverts on newspapers for the sale or lease of real estate properties.

The real estate market is always a busy one as people are always putting up properties for sale for different reasons. They could want to sell the land they got as an inheritance and put the money into other investments or they want to resell a piece of property to purchase another one that they prefer or they could sell the property just because they are in desperate need of cash or because they are investors and they want to sell off the property to make their profit. The reasons for putting up properties for sale are just many.

The properties that are put up for sale are of different types. They include bare land, partially-completed buildings, old properties that require renovation and finished houses. The prices differ based on these types, their condition and their location.

You might be looking very far for real estate that is put up for sale but there is one around you. Do not ignore your environment. There might have a very good deal around you if you look properly.

Do not limit yourself. Make proper use of the internet. Browse for real estate that fits your need and pocket. You are sure to find a lot to choose from. Also pay attention to adverts that are placed in newspapers and magazines. These adverts even explain the locality of the property and answers any other question you may have about the property at phase value. They also have the sellers contact and address so you can either decide to call first or pay an outright visit to the property. So you see it is quite simple once you put your mind to it.

No man is an Island and you can’t get the best of things especially such as this real estate business if you are in Isolation. There is something you might know that another person will not know and there is also something another person might know that you don’t know anything about. Remember that two good head are better than one. So you have to learn to ask questions. Be open and objective to advice. Tell people of your intention to purchase property and enlist their help. You will be amazed at the fast rate you will get various options to choose from.

You can also get help from real estate agents. These agents are actually good if they know their onion as they have contacts and know about properties that an ordinary person cannot be privy to. With their help you can get a variety of properties to purchase from. However these are professionals so you have to be prepared to pay them their fee for services rendered.Buy Land In Ibeju Lekki Lagos


3. Do your homework – One thing nobody wants to be roped into is to be struggling to prove ownership of property after possession instead of having quiet possession and enjoyment.

Real estate scam is rampant these days so one has to be very careful and be sure of the title of the property before making any purchase so as not to fall prey to the fraudsters that are everywhere.

Do not spare any expense while conducting your search on the title of the property. Prevention as we all know is better than cure. The time money and expense you will expend on litigation is so much that it is better to make your research properly to avoid unnecessary stress.

This is why for all your land transactions you need to have a lawyer you can trust. Your lawyer will advice you after he has conducted a search on the property in the state the land is situate at.

The search is conducted at the Land registry and there is at least one in every state. The Land Registry has records and current information on every property in the state. The search will show if the land is encumbered or not and if the title is sound. If there is no encumbrance and the title is sound then you can go ahead and make the purchase.

For your peace of mind do not compromise this search but go all out and make sure you obtain the right search report from your lawyer.

Even after you’ve conducted the search you will still have to ask questions from people who are very familiar with the area. This is how you will find out some facts about the property such as of there are security threats in the area, whether the area has a good sanitation system, if it is a noisy area amongst other facts. These facts are also important because they will also affect how much value the property will have in the real estate market.

4. Money is not an excuse – Most persons believe that before they can make reasonable investments in real estate they ought to have a large sum of money and that the real estate business is made for only rich people and well known companies with a lot of money to their name.

The truth of the matter is that you too can be involved in real estate. You must not start big. The secret is starting small and building your way to the top.

You can save up for it by putting aside some money monthly. However for this to work you have to be very disciplined and diligent at it. By the end of the year you will have a substantial amount to start out with. Note that everyone has different capabilities so it might not be up to a year for some persons or it can go over a year for others. Whichever category you fall into just keeps putting the money aside and in no time you will start your investments no matter how small.

You can start by purchasing land on the outskirts of a developing and growing city as they are more affordable when compared to other Lands in the area but the profit to be safe from such lands over the years are very attractive.

There are other ways to raise capital apart from personal savings. It could be raised from contributions from family and friends, loans among others.

5. Get the right title – It is no news that there are real estate frauds everywhere and Africa is not exempted.

This fraud could come in various ways. The same property could be sold to more than one buyer, it could be sold with a defective title or without the permission of the principal members of the family among others.

Once you have made purchase of the property, a necessary step you shouldn’t do away with is registration of title. Upon registration and obtaining the vital approvals, your ownership of the property is legalised and you will have sound title. Our lawyers here at KONFAM PROPERTY LTD can assist you with this.

You have to make sure that your title is properly registered to avoid getting into any legal hassle in the future. It might be expensive but it is best to do it if you want to enjoy the property without disturbance.

It is true that Africa is a ready market for real estate but this will not always be the case so it is advisable to act fast and make the most of the chance while it lasts.

One key virtue you have to possess when it comes to real estate is patience. The returns do not just come overnight so you have to be patient and keep on taking the right steps. The good news is that when the profits begins to come it will be very substantial and your finances will be changed remarkably.

Time is of the essence in real estate. So say no to excuses and take that step and make that investment today. You will be happy you did.

We have emphasized on the fact that you have to start as soon as possible. Do not be a victim of procrastination and make no excuses. There are a lot of ways to raise money one of which is putting aside some money every month. The bottom line is take steps towards purchasing a property of your own.

Set a goal and have a plan to go into real estate each year. But do not just have a plan and stop at that. Take steps to improve yourself, expand your knowledge base, source for information about real estate and start as soon as possible. The earlier you start, the better. Start now. Invest in Ibeju Lekki.